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Extra activities from Gaia Holiday Home.

Gaia Holiday Home is not only about eating, sleeping, and enjoying your holiday. For businesses and organizations, we can organize Meetings & Seminars as well. Peace and nature lovers can do Yoga & Meditation whereas adventure lovers also can do additional activities such as hiking, walking, riding, etc.

Day hike to Namobuddha, Balthali, Nagarkot, Timal Narayan and hiking to
Kali temple from 1000 steps for sunrise and sunset is very likely to do from Gaia Holiday home. Similarly Day tour to Bhaktapur, Kathmandu & Patan as well as hiking from Dhulikhel to Sirkhandapur and Panauti is another popular activities.

Some of extra activities from our camp are:

Namo Buddha
There are many religious places and view points around the Kathmandu Valley. One of them is Namo Buddha. This is a one hour drive or 3 hour trek from Gaia Holiday Home. It is a very respected place by Buddhists for its religious importance and also offers beautiful countryside and commanding views of the surrounding mountains. There is a Stupa with the all seeing eyes of the Buddha, a Buddhist Monastery with colorful flags fluttering in the wind, a massive statue of Buddha and many more Stupas. Namo Buddha is one of the best places to visit near Kathmandu Nepal.

Situated in the confluence of two rivers – Punyamati and Roshikhola, Panauti lies 10 km south of Dhulikhel. This ancient Newari triangular city still retains its old medieval charm.  There are clusters of multi-storied pagodas and religious monuments, a surrounding old bazaar and the Newar’s cultural traditions almost in their original form. Besides the monuments of religious and historical importance, Panauti is famous for classic 20th century Rana-style Newar houses.

Palanchowk Bhagwati
It lies 22km north-east of Dhulikhel and is situated on the top of a hill about 1,563m from sea level. Many scholars believe that the Palanchowk Bhagwati temple was constructed during Lichhavi King Mandev’s rule. The temple houses a beautiful artistic image – a masterpiece in stone – of Goddess Bhagwati, where one does not find the impact of Rudra or himsa (violence). She is calm, peaceful, loving and showering her blessing to her devotees. From the hilltop, the surrounding magnificent views are most rewarding.

About 130 km from Dhulikhel, Charikot provides a spectacular snow-capped mountain view of Mt. Gauri-Shanker. It is the headquarters of Dolakha district and boasts of many shops, new settlements and financial institutions. In the eastern upper part of Dolkha township, there is a famous roofless temple of Dolkha Bhimsen, who uniquely transforms into two other different appearances of Lord Vishnu, the Preserver and Shiva, the Destroyer, in a single day.

It is noted for its pristine nature and the unspoiled lifestyle of the locals. About 133 km to the northeast from Dhulikhel, Jiri exhilarates visitors with spectacular views of the Himalayan massif. Though the emergence of private aviation companies has played a role in pushing Jiri into the shadows, this lovely town still hosts a number of backpackers heading to and fro from Everest Base Camp.

Tatopani/Tibet Border
Tatopani is about 80 km from Dhulikhel on the way to the Chinese border. In Nepali, ‘Toto’ means ‘Hot’ and ‘pani’ means ‘Water’. People believe that a bath in the hot springs at Tatopani eliminates skin diseases of every kind. Every year in winter, thousands of people visit Tatopani for hot spring baths. The Chinese border is about 4 km from Tatopani, where one can visit a traditional Khasa Village of China.  This is superb market where a great range of products from cloth to electronics are imported to Nepal. There is a friendship bridge commemorating the friendly relations between Nepal and China. Take note, you will need a visa to enter China.

Dolalghat/Sunkoshi River
Dolalghat 30 km to the east of Dhulikhel, is both the beginning and ending point of rafting on the Sunkoshi river. Literally the ‘river of gold’, it is a haven for whitewater rafters. This river, which originates from Tibet and combines with six other rivers, flows through the southern plains of Nepal and enters India to mingle with the Ganges. It is the most challenging river for adventurers because of its boisterous rapids.

A trek (about 5 hrs) from Nagarkot to Dhulikhel via Banepa and Nala is another exhilarating nature walk with awe-inspiring views of the entire Kahtmandu valley.  The moderate trail is mostly downhill and at some points it descends rather steeply. The ridge is followed all the way to Nala and imparts continuous views of the valley. The trail continues through Ghimiregaun. Even in the month of February, some of the trails may look a bit muddy and slippery. Make sure you visit Chandeswhori Temple while venturing to Banepa. Similarly two major Temples, an outstanding four story temple of Nala Bhagwati and a Buddhist Shrine of Lokeshwor also known as Nala Karunamaya are not to be missed.

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