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Gaia Holiday Home is a simple, comfortable, reliable and safe place to stay in Dhulikhel. It gives you an opportunity to be stress-free and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Settle yourself back into nature and its surrounding.

We are located at Resort Marga, Dhulikhel, just outside the Eastern rim of Kathmandu valley, south of the Himalayas at 1550m (5085 Ft) above sea level and is situated 33 KM (20.5 Miles) southeast of Thamel (a tourist hub in Kathmandu). The area has diverse inhabitants with the majority being of Brahmin, Chhettri, Tamang, Newars and Dalit decent. Drinking water in Dhulikhel is some of the best quality in Nepal.

It takes about an hour drive (in normal traffic) from Kathmandu via Araniko Highway to reach Gaia Holiday Home. There are also public buses throughout the day. You may take a bus from Old Bus Station in Kathmandu (near Ratnapark) to Dhulikhel and walk for 1.5km (1 mile) through the old Dhulikhel bazaar heading east on Resort Marga.

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