Gaia Holiday Home - Restaurant

Strengthening the local communities, where we belong, should be the utmost priority for our existence. We highly value this belief and are determined to support local communities in any way possible. To strengthen this practice, we have prioritized to buy any supplies necessary for our restaurant from the local farmers and dairy collection centers. Even though, having our own kitchen garden with all organic herbs, seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruits, it is not sufficient for our in-house restaurant. To balance the need of the restaurant, we created a chain of suppliers from the local village and encouraged them in farming.

In-house restaurant of Gaia Holiday Home is highly sensitive on the importance of hygiene and health with every food it serves. Gaia Holiday Home maintains its standard in food quality as it has been in the Gaia Restaurant and Coffee Shop at Thamel. In-house restaurant will offer Euro-Asian cuisines and the typical local delicacies to satisfy everyone's need. Organic coffee/tea, healthy and refreshing drinks are the "must" to try for anyone coming to Gaia Holiday Home besides other usual beverages.

The restaurant also heartily welcomes outside guests to indulge in this experience.